Thursday, April 21, 2016

Final Touches

Finally - everything is out of boxes, except for winter clothes and Christmas decorations.  Obviously, I don't need those right now.

Here are the last things to get done:

Attic vents have been installed on the south side (over the carport) and the north side (above the kitchen.)  This will help my attic function like it's supposed to in handling air flow.

Daddy's branding irons have been installed on the side of the lawn shed.  I can look out and see them clearly from the kitchen or sewing room.

The Indian wind bell that Verbal and I bought on our honeymoon has been installed at the end of the garage eaves.  The feather on the bottom flutters in the slightest breeze and it really rings during a thunderstorm!

House numbers - they show up at night, too.

Pictures on the east wall of the bedroom.

South wall of the bedroom.

North wall of the bedroom.  My heavy mirror is finally up.

East wall of the office.  My rogues' gallery.

South wall of the office - the rogues' annex.

All the Little House books and other children's books, in the bookcase Daddy made for me to fit Little Golden Books when I was teensy.  Left side of the south wall of the office.

West wall of the office.  I got this in Cuidad Acuna back in the mid-60s.

Hallway photos are my senior high school picture and "the Three As" - being Grandma Aletha Parks, mother Arlene Smith and me - all baby pictures.

Sewing room left of west window.

Sewing room right of west window.

Living room right side of the south wall.

Living room west and north walls.  Finally - BOOKS!

There is a 3-foot "hallway" between the back of the couch and the bookcases on the north wall.  It works great.

Right side of living room north wall.

Living room east wall with Grandma Parks' encyclopedia cabinet, Verbal's Grand Canyon bear figure and his brass "change holder".

I think this is every last little thing to be done in the house.  This will be the last of this blog - at least about the house rehab and move.  You never know what may occur that's worthy of being posted in the future.  Thank you to everyone who followed this and encouraged me along the way.


  1. This has been awesome. I can't wait to visit and give memories to the girls

  2. I'll be sad not to see the house anymore. Like Chris says... It has been awesome.

  3. Beautiful. I love the abundant order, too! --MS

  4. I thought I had signed on here before, but guess not. Probably got "side-tracked" as usual. I did LOVE being able to see you and this wonderful house and Sammi, she is a LOVE herself. Anna R