Thursday, April 21, 2016

Final Touches

Finally - everything is out of boxes, except for winter clothes and Christmas decorations.  Obviously, I don't need those right now.

Here are the last things to get done:

Attic vents have been installed on the south side (over the carport) and the north side (above the kitchen.)  This will help my attic function like it's supposed to in handling air flow.

Daddy's branding irons have been installed on the side of the lawn shed.  I can look out and see them clearly from the kitchen or sewing room.

The Indian wind bell that Verbal and I bought on our honeymoon has been installed at the end of the garage eaves.  The feather on the bottom flutters in the slightest breeze and it really rings during a thunderstorm!

House numbers - they show up at night, too.

Pictures on the east wall of the bedroom.

South wall of the bedroom.

North wall of the bedroom.  My heavy mirror is finally up.

East wall of the office.  My rogues' gallery.

South wall of the office - the rogues' annex.

All the Little House books and other children's books, in the bookcase Daddy made for me to fit Little Golden Books when I was teensy.  Left side of the south wall of the office.

West wall of the office.  I got this in Cuidad Acuna back in the mid-60s.

Hallway photos are my senior high school picture and "the Three As" - being Grandma Aletha Parks, mother Arlene Smith and me - all baby pictures.

Sewing room left of west window.

Sewing room right of west window.

Living room right side of the south wall.

Living room west and north walls.  Finally - BOOKS!

There is a 3-foot "hallway" between the back of the couch and the bookcases on the north wall.  It works great.

Right side of living room north wall.

Living room east wall with Grandma Parks' encyclopedia cabinet, Verbal's Grand Canyon bear figure and his brass "change holder".

I think this is every last little thing to be done in the house.  This will be the last of this blog - at least about the house rehab and move.  You never know what may occur that's worthy of being posted in the future.  Thank you to everyone who followed this and encouraged me along the way.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Final Days!!

The last day and a half have seen the contractor, Frank Cox, finish up everything on the outside of the house and I'm totally pleased with how everything has turned out.

Trim on the house and garage has been painted a color called Toasted Bagel.  It's a very warm, medium reddish brown. 

Also, any trim around doors or windows that was gray, is now white to match the siding.

The new shutters suit me right down to the ground!  I think they make my little house look a little more arts-and-craftsy.  Frank made these of cedar pickets, to my design, and painted them with the Toasted Bagel color.

The front door, as well as the back, has been painted with the new warm color.

The installed bedroom shutters.

The installed living room shutters.

The front porch mostly finished.

Carport repainted and wind chime hung.

Outside work done,  The pecan tree is leafing out, the lilac bush is happy and I love the new, friendlier look of my house.  Come see me!

Beginning of Final Week

Lots of outdoor repairs being done by Frank and Co., while I unload boxes and boxes and boxes inside the house.

Frank brought electricity back to the garage!  It had all been cut out, with not even a small light.

The old water heater was hauled away and Frank will patch the floor in the workshop end of the garage.

Finally!  The work can begin on installing a garage door opener.  For some reason, whoever started to do this, never finished the job.  We had to buy several more parts to make it operable.

In the meantime, Frank replaced some missing fence pickets, strengthened the back gate and added an additional row of bracing on the side fence.  Now my fences should last a lot longer.

The entire south wall of the garage got new siding.  Lots of spots were repaired on the siding elsewhere, too.

Frank also boxed in the open rafters on the garage.  Looks so much better, and will last longer, too.

On the house, the fascia board was being pulled away from the eaves.  That has all been repaired and all the electrical, including new 220 for the dryer, is complete.

On the inside, I have my sewing room shelves all stocked with my quilt scraps and other sewing goodies.  This closet has a shelf and rod for use as a regular closet in the future.

And the sewing room is pretty much finished up.  Someday, I'll replace that card table with a regular cutting table, but it works fine for now.  Sammi's litter box has moved to the far corner, out of the line of sight from the living room and kitchen.

The office is mostly finished, too.  It's comfortable to work in and Sammi likes me being close to the bedroom where she likes to nap while I'm working.

Just a couple more days' worth of work and the job will be complete.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Getting In

Last Saturday was Moving Day for me!  I had everything pretty well organized, plus I had lots of help and lots of vehicles, so we were able to get loaded in less than 2 hours and move everything in one trip.  But before we did that, there were a few things to finish up on Thursday and Friday:

The new kitchen window and over-sink light fixture.

New drawer pulls instsalled.  There are six kitchen drawers all together.

Sewing room fan (and all others) installed.

Kitchen backsplash going in.

Now it's MOVING DAY!  Here's what it looked like at the end of a long, hard day.  I had help from Brandon Hise and Adrian, Mike Schaudies, Susan Stack, Loraine Oglesby and, last but certainly not least, sister Leslie.  Leslie helped us load, then took care of computer, television and cat-related stuff, bring Sammi over after we had most everything inside the house, so we could close the storm doors.

Two view of the sewing room on moving day.  Sammi's litter box will be in this room, but maybe not in that exact location.

Boxes of dishes stacked up in the dining area on moving day.

And the opposite side of the kitchen from the dining area.

Portions of the living room on moving day.  This was after everyone left, so Sammi came out of hiding to inspect the house.

Boxes of office files, books, pictures and who-knows-what stacked in the office on moving day.

I got the drape up last thing that evening.  Susan and Loraine had very kindly made up my bed so I could fall into it after that.  And Leslie and Mike had cleaned the bathtub so I could take a shower before falling into said bed.  Sammi inspected the layout.

The first full day in the house (Sunday) was spent in deep cleaning the bathroom (guys had been using it for 5 weeks) and starting on the cleaning in the kitchen.

Still need to take some CLR to the areas around the new faucets and to some over-sprayed old paint on the tile floor, but at least everything has been cleaned and a few cracked tiles replaced.  That night light proved way too bright, so it was removed the 2nd day.

The second full day in the house (Monday) was spent in cleaning and filling the bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

This stand-alone linen cabinet is going to work really well.  The bottom portion holds toilet paper and such.

I cleaned and stocked the pantry in the cabinet next to the stove and the coffee, tea, vitamins, etc. are in the single cabinet next to the fridge.  There are still gobs of high, high cabinets near the ceiling, but I don't need them right now.  I bought a nifty step ladder in case I do need to access them.

Pots and pans, corn popper, extra cat food, etc. go in the large lower cabinet next to the sink.  Things that don't get used very often, like the waffle iron, etc, are hiding in the corner.

On the third full day in the house (Tuesday), I made the decision to use my "good" dishes for everyday and get rid of any others.  I love my Vernon Kilns "Homespun" dishes!  I loaded the serving pieces into the hutch and put the plates, cereal bowls, berry bowls and sandwich plates in the large regular kitchen cabinet above the pots/pans cabinet.

Those 2 large chop plates laying on top of the hutch will be hung on the wall over the dining table.  But hanging pictures and wall art comes almost last - just before putting all my books on shelves - egad!

I'll post more as I get it ready.